Select the Right Vasectomy Reversal Surgeon

Selecting the right vasectomy reversal surgeon:  A successful vasectomy reversal does not necessarily lead to pregnancy.  You need a highly skilled microsurgeon who is fellowship trained in Male Infertility to have the best chance for pregnancy after vasectomy reversal.  Follow-up care is equally as important as the vasectomy reversal surgery itself.  Many prospective reverse vasectomy clients don’t realize that scar tissue can close off an initially successful reversal in an estimated 5-15 % of cases as reported in the medical literature, and this delayed closure can develop without any warning signs.  This process occurs in an estimated 6 % of Dr. Buch’s cases.  Your best bet is to select a vasectomy reversal surgeon such as Dr. Jeffrey Buch, who is a recognized leader in the broader field of Male Infertility in addition to his recognized skill as a microsurgeon.  Male Infertility specialists realize the need for careful regular follow up semen exams that allow early recognition of microscopic healing issues that can be corrected with medication to achieve your maximal potential fertility.  The lowest cost surgeons who perform vasectomy reversal surgery do not have this level of training and a career long commitment to the field of male infertility.  As a potential vasectomy reversal client, you owe it to yourself to call today for a free phone consult with Dr. Buch at 972-612-7131 to discuss your individual goals and expectations. During your consult, Dr. Buch will assess your chances for success and answer all questions needed to confirm that he is the right doctor for you. 

Learn about the full range of male infertility services Dr. Buch offers at the Legacy Male Health Institute by visiting our website at Here, you will find valuable information about our Money Back Guarantee and Cryopreservation (sperm freezing) services for “back-up insurance” during your vasectomy reversal.

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