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New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Class is in session! Professor Brady is about to begin his next lesson! This weekend the New England Patriots will take on the Baltimore Ravens for the AFC championship. The Ravens don’t stand a chance against Tom Brady and his outstanding offense.
The Ravens have a good offense, but honestly can their age keep up with the Patriots? As always, the Pats will put 30 plus points on the scoreboard.  After the Patriots breeze pass the Ravens, it’s on to Super Bowl XLVI.  The Patriots are anticipating a rematch with the Giants, if San Francisco doesn’t spoil the show. Tom Brady definitely has the gravitas to lead the Patriots to another World Championship.  The Patriots will not be under the same amount of pressure as they were 5 years ago, since there is not a prospect of a perfect season hanging over their head.  After last week’s victory over the Denver Broncos, Tom Brady and the Patriots have never looked better.  Don’t get me wrong Eli Manning, Alex Smith, and Joe Flacco are good, but Tom Brady is on the road to Canton. Go Patriots!