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The NFL Referee Lockout is Over

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

The controversial play that ended the Green Bay Packers-Seattle Seahawks September 24 Monday Night Football game created so much publicity that even those who aren’t attracted to gridiron madness were drawn into the fray. It seemed that just about everyone – in and out of football circles — had some sort of opinion or comment regarding what appeared to be a Green Bay interception but was ruled by the replacement officials a winning TD catch by Seattle’s Golden Tate.

In addition, the temp referees also failed to issue an offensive pass interference citation against Mr. Tate that occurred right in front of them, and that was probably noted by every football playing youth above the age of 10. Tabloids – among other print/online media outlets —  referred to the last minute “Hail Mary” aerial as a “Fail Mary”, and a number of electronic media talking heads were beside themselves out of concern for the sanctity of pro football. While their concern is understandable – although the ESPN SportsCenter anchor saying she was depressed seems to be taking things a bit too far —  it appeared that the general outrage regarding the fill-in officials’ calls and miss-calls made for great theatre. This production, as it were, significantly added to the sport’s ability to entertain us and divert our attention from the trials and tribulations of everyday life and challenges.

There’s nothing better than watching folks jump up and down in sheer glee or disgust in reaction to the fun and games that entertain us. With apologies to those who lost a sum of money betting with the Packers, this is hardly the end of the world as we know it. In addition, don’t believe for one moment that fans of the NFL were considering a boycott of their favorite teams, players, or game day watering holes or restaurants. The league was never in danger of losing a large number of fans.

So, the demise of the National Football League remains a rumor, especially now that the league has come to terms on a new contract with the regular referees. But even if the “replacement refs” were to continue suiting up, we all would have continued to follow this pro football season to its logical conclusion at the Super Bowl. In fact, the regular officials’ return to the gridiron has cost us an intriguing, if bothersome, story line to this 2012 pro football campaign. Not to mention a potentially explosive summary to a handful of games.

The Dallas Cowboys have Started Training Camp

Friday, August 10th, 2012

As the Dallas Cowboys’ training camp in Oxnard, California enables the team to prepare for the 2012 NFL season, they are displaying glimpses of a talented team on the rise in the NFC East.

In particular, second year running back DeMarco Murray, whose spectacular coming out party in 2011 was cut short by an injury, is highlighting early camp scrimmages. Cowboys’ coaches are thrilled that he is showing the same flash that had Cowboys fans high-fiving one another as he set a single-season team rookie rushing mark with 897 before sitting out the final three games of the season with a broken ankle.

A healthy, fully-functioning Murray, a 3rd round draft pick from the University of Oklahoma, probably would have helped the Cowboys reach the post season a year ago. He infused the rushing game with his explosiveness and elusiveness — Dallas was 5-0 whenever Murray carried the ball at least 20 times. But his absence was glaring, and the club’s hopes for reaching the post-season dance was cut short by its loss to the eventual Super Bowl Champion New York Giants in the season finale.

During one drill in the first week of training camp, Murray thrilled an overflow crowd of more than 9,000 fans with several strong runs, as well as a nice leaping downfield catch. The talented rusher/receiver, who shows no effects of his rookie season-ending injury, literally exploded onto the scene with a team record 253 yards in his first start vs. the St. Louis Rams at Cowboys Stadium last October.

The impressive 601 rushing yards that he amassed in his first four games eclipsed those compiled during that same timeframe by Cowboys’ NFL career rushing leader Emmitt Smith, a three-time Super Bowl Champion with Dallas.

Murray prides himself on being a versatile back, as his 155 career catches and 1,512 school record career receiving yards at Oklahoma and 26 receptions as a rookie will attest. In addition, he has the ability to stay at home and block as he picks up blitzing linebackers and defensive backs.

One area in which the Las Vegas, Nevada native vows to improve is reaching the end zone more frequently. The OU career all-purpose TD leader with 64 finished with just two six-pointers last season as the Cowboys running game crossed the goal line just five times (one more than Cleveland, which had just four).

A healthy Murray should provide a tremendous upgrade for a Cowboy rushing corps that wants to reach paydirt with more frequency, and take some of the pressure off Quarterback Tony Romo and his receivers.

Super Bowl XLVI – Our Prediction

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Patriots vs. Giants

Once again, the class is in session.  The professor Tom Brady along with the New England Patriots are ready to take the New York Giants to school!
This will go down as one of the best Super Bowl rematches in NFL history.  Victory will come in a different manner in Indiana.  I know that the New York Giants beat the New England Patriots four years ago in Super Bowl XLII but that will not happen this year because the Patriots are not under the same amount of pressure they were back then.
The Patriots are coming off a stellar post-season performance.  Just look how they breezed passed the Baltimore Ravens. The Giants are incapable of beating the Patriots in the Super Bowl because the Pats are unstoppable.  Like I said before Eli Manning is good but Tom Brady is better.   All of the skeptics, who feel that Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are overrated, will definitely be silenced once and for all this Sunday.  We have two days until this historic showdown.  The New England Patriots will
be the 2012 Super Bowl Champions.

Go Patriots!

New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Class is in session! Professor Brady is about to begin his next lesson! This weekend the New England Patriots will take on the Baltimore Ravens for the AFC championship. The Ravens don’t stand a chance against Tom Brady and his outstanding offense.
The Ravens have a good offense, but honestly can their age keep up with the Patriots? As always, the Pats will put 30 plus points on the scoreboard.  After the Patriots breeze pass the Ravens, it’s on to Super Bowl XLVI.  The Patriots are anticipating a rematch with the Giants, if San Francisco doesn’t spoil the show. Tom Brady definitely has the gravitas to lead the Patriots to another World Championship.  The Patriots will not be under the same amount of pressure as they were 5 years ago, since there is not a prospect of a perfect season hanging over their head.  After last week’s victory over the Denver Broncos, Tom Brady and the Patriots have never looked better.  Don’t get me wrong Eli Manning, Alex Smith, and Joe Flacco are good, but Tom Brady is on the road to Canton. Go Patriots!