Vasectomy reversal cost and vasectomy reversal success rate are typically aligned. The vasectomy reversal doctor who prices his procedures below fair market value typically has lower success rates than the doctor who prices his procedure more accordingly with his success rate, level of expertise and level of service after surgery is completed.

In order to understand these statements, let's start with the difference between vasectomy reversal doctors. Very few doctors are true specialists in the field of male infertility and more specifically microsurgical vasectomy reversal. Your search for a vasectomy reversal specialist should be limited to those doctors who have completed a urology residency and a post-residency fellowship in male infertility and microsurgery, thereby establishing the doctor's long term commitment to expert management of vasectomy reversal clients.

Unfortunately, several doctors have only entered the field of vasectomy reversal late in their careers. In my online review, I have seen general surgeons, vascular and thoracic surgeons, and most commonly general urologists who decided later in their careers to focus on vasectomy reversal. In fact, I recently became aware of an orthopedic (bone and joint) surgeon who is now performing low cost vasectomy reversals. Such surgeons can typically get reasonable return of sperm rates (50 % or more) in cases 5 years or less from time of vasectomy to time of reversal. However, as the time from vasectomy to time of reversal approaches 10 years or more, then the more technically demanding epididymovasostomy (EV) procedure is often required, and such surgeons do not obtain reasonable success rates in this group of clients. Career-long specialists in vasectomy reversal will achieve success rates of 95-98 % in straight forward reversals and 70-85 % in cases requiring the more complex bilateral epididymovasostomy procedure.

As with most things in life, the buyer should be careful to reliably document success rates and level of service delivered by the lowest cost providers of a specialized service. Similarly, the buyer should be equally careful of the highest cost providers who seemingly depend on the consumer who equates high cost with high quality. Most of my colleagues who are also quality providers of vasectomy reversal services offer total package pricing between $6500 and $8500 for surgeon fee, anesthesia fee and facility fee combined.

We have used the concept of a Money Back Guarantee so that our clients can have a tangible measure of confidence that we are honest about our advertised success rates. Interestingly, we are only aware of one other vasectomy reversal doctor who offers a similar refund program.

Ultimately the best way to choose your vasectomy reversal doctor is to contact the office, talk to the staff, and arrange a free phone consult. If you do not feel confident in that provider's response and ability to answer your questions, then you should move on to your next choice. We understand how important it is for you to make the right choice and we hope to have the opportunity to assist you in your quest of having a baby.

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